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December 24, 2015
Delft online course

This specialization addresses an extensive selection of topics in biotechnology (for example, commercialization, project choice and assessment, technology management and, biomanufacturing) offering a-deep comprehension of biotechnology as a business venture.

Profession Course

The Master of Science program in biotechnology acts a number of professions at entry-, mid-, or high-level roles, with regards to the previous level of experience of the candidate.

Students of the biotechnology management expertise, dependent on their background will get positions including:

  • Laboratory Supervisor
  • Production and manufacturing
  • Project Management
  • Instructor
  • Regulatory Matters Officer
  • Advertising Officer
  • Sales Agent
  • Bioethicist

Master of Science in Biotechnology Program Needs

Fall 2007 & Beyond Demands


  1. Students who wish to boost their graduate writing skills may take, educational Writing for Graduate Pupils (3).

System Rules

Pupils without coursework in molecular biology has to take Introduction to Molecular Biology. BIOT 601 may be taken along with .

  • must certanly be taken after completion of 30 credits of research.
    Note: BTMN 670 just isn't offered during the summertime term.

Core Forced Courses

* Orientation to Graduate researches at UMUC (0)

  • Societal Issues in Biotechnology(3)
  • Introduction to Bioinformatics (3)
  • Bioprocessing therefore the Business of Biotechnology (3)
  • Techniques of Biotechnology (3)
  • Fundamentals of Project Control (3)

Core Rules

  1. must be taken whilst the first system course.
  2. All core courses using BIOT designator must be completed before beginning any specialization.

Specialty - Biotechnology Management

  • Commercializing Biotechnology in Early-Stage Ventures (3)
  • Selection and Evaluation of Biotechnology Projects (3)
  • Biotechnology while the Regulatory Environment (3)
  • Advertising Management (3)
  • Axioms of Technology Control (3)
  • Economics and Financial review for Technology Managers (3)
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